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Moody Guys Get the Girl

BY March 16, 2012

This just in from a University of British Columbia study recently published in the American Psychological Association journal Emotion. Men and women are different!

It seems that women are attracted to men who seem brooding and moody over men who appear happy and well-adjusted. Conversely, men dig chicks who beam and seem delighted.

More than 1000 adult (probably Canadian) participants rated the sexual attractiveness of hundreds of images of members of the opposite sex in various states of emotion—happiness, pride and shame. Women found the happy guys least attractive, preferring guys who looked proud or powerful or moody and ashamed. (Ladies, for the record, I’m ashamed that I’m proud of my moodiness.) Guys, on the other hand, do not like proud girls. (Like I always say, give me a girl who’s shameless.)

Researchers explain that the women’s attraction to prideful men is likely evolutionary because pride implies “status, competence and an ability to provide for a partner and offspring.” They don’t fully explain why women were attracted to the guys who looked ticked off. Although my theory is that they know it’ll enrage their parents.

Finally scientific proof women really do love bad boys.

“Bad boys are hot,” says Emilee (“with two Es”), a sales girl Buckle in Coconut Point whose hair color is best described as “Skittles.” “They just seem so much more interesting than boring guys.”

What’s a boring guy?

“You know, normal guys,” says Emilee.

Ironically, science now says that Emilee, with her paperclip-covered pantyhose and her homeless Rainbow Bright outfit, is the norm. If she smiles just once, she’ll make some really ticked off guy very happy. (At which point she’ll leave him.)

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