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Marvelous Mother's Day Gifts

BY May 11, 2012

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. While mothers the world over are undoubtedly thrilled to receive hand-made cards and gifts created by their young offspring (although maybe not a sandwich filled with colorful hard candy—sorry for that, Mom), if you’re buying a gift, often the nicest gifts are those that your mom wouldn’t buy herself.  An item of jewelry is not only a lasting way of saying “thank you,” it conveys emotion and creates a personal connection between the giver and receiver.

A particularly suitable choice for Mother’s Day, mother of pearl jewelry satisfies both traditional and modern tastes, and the luster of the gemstone is flattering for every skin tone. 

For moms who’ve already headed home northwards, a pendant or charm in the form of a dolphin, palm tree or seashell makes a charming reminder of the joys of Southwest Florida. 

For more contemporary tastes, Amanda Jaron’s jewelry designs range from sophisticated to quirky, with her witty cupcake rings a particular favorite, delighting mothers and daughters alike.  When I visited her studio, a tray of rings was displayed like a delicious plate of mouthwatering bonbons—definitely a better choice than my hard candy sandwich!

Dolphin  jewelry from William Phelps, Venetian Village, Naples; Mother of Pearl  from Amanda Jaron, 6310 Trail Blvd. N., Naples.

Fashion expert Cheryl Lampard is the founder of Style Matters International, www.stylemattersinternational.com

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