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Gadgetry for Garments

BY June 28, 2012

I take pride in caring for my clothes and accessories, but I get frustrated when the very things I buy to help keep them looking their best either malfunction or just don’t do what they say they will. Deciding enough was enough, I set out to find some really useful aids and gadgets that work. Here are my top five (in no particular order):

  1. A mesh laundry bag by Real Simple (and it is). With a fastener that stops the zipper from coming undone, the contents won’t spill out and get tangled and mangled in the washer.

  2. It’s not always possible to hand wash bras (although I’d recommend it). Look after your lingerie with this object resembling an oversized cat’s play ball. With your bra safely inside, it’ll be protected from being thrown around in the machine and stretched out of shape.

  3. Dust has a sneaky habit of getting inside a closet, finding shoulder seams especially alluring. On heavier garments such as jackets and coats (and particularly on dark-colored garments), dust gets trapped in the seams and can be hard to remove. Shoulder covers will protect from dust, and those made from fabric (rather than plastic) won’t build up the static that attracts it.

  4. An under-bed shoe organizer is ideal for using an area that “just isn’t quite big enough” for most things—perfect if space is at a premium in your home.

  5. Last but by no means least, the humble lint roller. Keep one in your car and just about every room in the house. Harmless to fabric and furnishings, lint rollers pick up fluff in a flash.

Let me know what your favorite garment gadget is by placing a comment in the box below.

Real Simple mesh laundry bag; Bra Baby bra ball; shoulder covers; Real Simple under-bed organizer; lint rollers – all from Bed, Bath & Beyond branches.

Fashion expert Cheryl Lampard is the founder of Style Matters International, www.stylemattersinternational.com

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