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BY July 19, 2012

As one of the most functional everyday items, it’s surprising that many of us stick to wearing just one favorite timepiece, rather than viewing a wristwatch in the same way as other accessories: as something to be changed out depending on the outfit or the occasion. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense to have a wardrobe of watches, especially if your treasured watch is an heirloom. (After all, white water rafting in your grandfather’s timepiece may not be the best treatment for it.)

Current watch trends (for men and women) include:

Two-tone metals: perfect for every day and a great choice if you like to mix your jewelry metals to create more options.

Bold brights: Made in durable materials, these functional and practical watches are available in a rainbow of funky colors. If you prefer a more traditional look, go for a plain-faced watch with a bold strap.

Cool white: For ladies, the white watch still reigns as a fashion favorite not just for summer but all year round in Southwest Florida.

Elegant black: For gentlemen, a black watch will take you from office to cocktails without missing a moment.

Timeless classic: With a simple face and strap either in metal or leather, a timeless timepiece is no oxymoron. It’ll look good with anything, anywhere and—dare I say it—can be worn at any time!

Striped strap “Advantage” by Lacoste at Nordstrom; ladies pink “Drake” by Michael Kors; white ceramic ladies “Pedigree” by Juicy Couture; rectangular ladies “Loop” by Fendi at Nordstrom.

Fashion expert Cheryl Lampard is the founder of Style Matters International, www.stylemattersinternational.com

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