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Cosmetic Purses with Panache

BY August 22, 2012

We all have something that we hang on to for far too long, simply because we love it or it fits our needs perfectly. For me, it’s my cosmetic purse. When the inner fabric of my much loved, much used cosmetic bag started to peel off, I held onto it like a child with a favorite toy until it had deteriorated to such an extent that the contents of the purse were covered with tiny little beige fragments of lining, giving my lipstick cases and eye pencils the look of a speckled eggshell. 

Big enough to hold makeup necessities for touch ups during the day, small enough to switch between various sizes of handbags and with a zipper that fastened securely, it was ideally suited to me and my requirements. Although I’d had the original so long that the brand no longer produced the same style, it took no time at all to find a replacement. In fact the opposite was true: I was spoiled for choice. 

So, when it’s time to choose your next cosmetic bag, think about what makes your perfect purse. Does size matter? Do you like a bright color so you can see it at the bottom of your bag? Do you prefer a clasp or zipper? Or do you like to have different styles for different occasions or just to match your mood? Whatever your answer, the coolest cosmetic bags are out there. Here are a few of my favorites.
Bright pink Candy Store pouch from Ulta; Philip Lim “Break-up” cosmetic bag at Saks; blues & greens “Abstract Garden” cosmetic purse by Kate Spade; Purple neoprene pouch by Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom; black fabric “Sutton” cosmetic bag by Coach.
Cheryl Lampard
Style Matters International
(239 298 6560)

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