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Year of the Snake(skin)

Snaking around the latest trend.

BY February 6, 2013

The Chinese New Year on Feb. 10 marks the start of the Year of the Snake (water snake, to be precise). According to Chinese astrology, this is a year for steady progress, attention to detail and focus. There is even a color dedicated to the 2013 Snake year: black. All of which is good fortune, indeed!

There’s nothing new about snakes in the fashion stakes. In ancient Egypt, these reptiles were symbolic of royalty and deity. Cleopatra wore a headdress bedecked with a cobra emblem, and legend has it that she committed suicide via asp bite. In Roman times, serpents represented everlasting love. Centuries later, to mark the occasion of their wedding, Prince Albert gave his bride-to-be, Queen Victoria, a ring of two entwined snakes, unwittingly helping to set off a royal fashion trend.

From python pumps to boa print blouses, there are plenty of ways to replicate reptilian markings this spring. With its smaller patterning, snakeskin accessories are a great way to add impact to neutral-colored outfits. Alternatively, scaled-up prints on dresses, tops or skirts look best teamed with solid-colored accessories.

Whatever your style, this is the season to show some (snake) skin!

Snakeskin print blouse, snakeskin belt, bag, shoes and red boots all from Marilyn's European Shoes & Accessories, 331 Fifth Avenue South, Naples.

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