How Architects Design Their Homes

Three leading architects describe the special touches they've brought to their own homes.

Architects may spend years honing their visions and creating the detailing of their own homes, whether they’re building a house on the water, renovating a charming cottage or refurbishing a traditional house. “You’re always sketching in your free time and putting down the ideas of what you could do,” explains architect David Corban, whose own home looms over the waters of Haldeman Creek. Corban and his wife spent three years living in an 850-squarefoot ramshackle home while he created the design of his new place. He is one of three area architects who agreed to show us some of their favorite spaces within their homes. Other visionaries include Naples architect Andrea Clark Brown, who talked of her 10-year renovation in a residence she sold in February, and Fort Myers architect Joyce Owens, whose charming mid-century home is awash in white. Labor of Love DAVID CORBAN SITUATED AMID A VARIETY of diverse fishing cottages and other homes, the Corban residence becomes a focal point for boaters on Haldeman Creek both during the day and at night. Avid sailors, Corban and his wife, Carla, appreciated the water setting where the original dwelling’s boathouse extended into the water. When the time came to replace the structure, however, the process was tedious. Corban worked for eight months until he received final approval from Collier County officials to design a new home within the footprint of the previous dwelling. To work within the plan,
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