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Spring Fever

A fresh take on traditional spring shades.

BY April 18, 2013

Although I love the deeper, darker colors of winter, I can’t wait to see the new spring hues in the stores. I liken it to throwing open the doors and windows of my home, letting in the fresh air and feeling the breeze waft through the house.

Traditionally, spring colors lean towards paler palettes and although there are certainly some light colors this season (lemon, violet, jade) they are not as sugary as in previous years, where the challenge has been to avoid looking like a walking Easter egg. So if you’ve shied away from past pastels, you might want to take a second look at the new, edgier, tones.

Start with a great neutral, which this year is a light nude, natural linen color— the perfect backdrop to showcase some of the brighter spring colors, such as poppy red, or fresh yellow-green (just imagine the green of spring foliage).

Two blues feature strongly in the spring palette—dusky blue (not baby blue), and a deeper tone somewhere between cobalt and sapphire (“Monaco” blue), both of which look fabulous teamed with khaki.  

If you can’t decide on your favorite spring color, wear them all in a zesty print that’s as fresh as a breeze and perfect for Florida.


Blue cardigan, shirt and khaki shorts from J. Crew; “Petal” floral print dress, and “Full Bloom” belt, both from Kate Spade;

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