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Home of the Month: A Family Retreat

French-inspired design adds a special touch to a beach condominium.

BY June 12, 2013

When her Northern clients requested a design for a warm space where their family could gather, Lana Knapp, of Collins-Dupont, turned a spacious condominium into an organic retreat with French-infused accents and an emphasis on its sweeping views of the Gulf.

“They’re very family oriented,” Knapp explains, of the clients. “They both wanted it to be very livable.”

The couple desired a retreat where their adult daughter and college-aged sons could enjoy days at the beach, bringing along friends for the respite. Therefore, casual living spaces were put into place where small groups could easily mingle.

“It’s a very transitional design,” says Knapp, who incorporated tones of water, wind and sky throughout the home. The man of the house loves good quality wood; therefore, wooden elements were essential. The ethereal blue and green shades of the sky and sea add lightness to the home’s décor, while natural walnut floors and other warm wooden highlights provide a substantial backdrop.

Kitchen Transitions
“In a transitional look, less is more,” Knapp says. Because the condominium’s kitchen is centered between the
living and family rooms, an understated look was sought. An ornate, lighted backsplash of tiny glass tiles
in ivory and wood tones is the focal point of the room, while granite countertops provide fluidity.

For Dining Together
During a recent visit, the family of five spent a day fishing to gather the goods for a seafood feast during their last
evening in town. “They always eat their meals together,” the designer says. An artistic coffered ceiling gives way to a
French chandelier, which hangs over the expansive glass table with chairs available for visitors, too.

An Organic Décor
Elevators in this high-rise open into each condominium unit, providing an opportunity for a well-adorned foyer. Here,
the elevator’s double doors were faux painted to match the home’s décor. A natural wood bench is placed in front of
a wall created from tiles of smooth, mother of pearl shells that offer an iridescent glow. The chandelier here is
made from sliced, tubular metal, creating a barnacled look.

Masterfully Sweet
The clear blue shade of the Southwest Florida sky was selected for the color palette of the master bedroom. Here, the
family’s French heritage was incorporated with various design elements, including antique frames used for oversized
prints. The dark wood of the ceiling contrasts with its bright white coffers. “It’s one of the favorite bedrooms I’ve ever
done,” Knapp says.

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