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3 spot: Three dining spots you’ve got to try this month

BY March 3, 2014

1. Martin Fierro, 13040 Livingston Road, Suite 11, Naples. 300-4777,

One of the Naples food world’s biggest losses was when the original Martin Fierro off Radio Road closed two years ago. Everyone in the know missed those sizzling platters of delicious, wood-fired meats, tasty “dirty rice” and an atmosphere that made you feel like you were crashing the most fun family reunion ever.

Well, now all that is back, and in a better location in the Marquesa shopping plaza at the corner of Livingston and Pine Ridge Roads. So grab your appetite and a few friends. And don’t forget to order the sweetbreads.

2.  Al Carbon, 6002 Radio Road, Naples

The one gain from Martin Fierro’s closing the first time is this casual restaurant from the minds behind Inca’s Kitchen. Serving up classic Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken, which is marinated in a host of spices for a day before going onto the spits, Al Carbon is meant to be a mostly takeout place for the neighborhood and beyond. But knowing how quickly Inca’s outgrew its first, smaller storefront, we imagine it won’t be long before this new venture is looking to expand as well.

3. Blue Windows Bistro, 15250 S. U.S. 41, Fort Myers. 849-0622,

With spring break this month, the kids or grandkids might be around a little more than you can handle. Might we suggest a night out where there won’t be any children around to, shall we say, heighten the volume? Blue Windows Bistro doesn’t strictly forbid bringing your kids, but it’s pretty strongly discouraged and the menu doesn’t offer much in the way of chicken fingers. So unless you know a lot of children dying for frog legs Provencal or salad topped with boudin noir, we think you’ll be in the clear.

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