Model Beauty: Kitchen and Dining Room at Quail West

Designer loves her new look for Stock Development's Normandy model at Quail West.

BY March 21, 2014

Stephanie Henley, the Henley in Beasley & Henley Interior Design, gushes over the kitchen in Stock Development’s recently completed Normandy model at Quail West.

“I love this kitchen,” declares the co-owner of the Naples and Winter Park design firm. “The ‘clean and light’ trend is evident in the colors of the cabinetry and walls, ceiling and window design, lighting, backsplash and the barstools. I want this kitchen in my house!”

The dining room isn’t quite as easy to nail down to a one- or two-word descriptive but its combo of comfortable rustic meets modern design is, says Henley, “a great trend we love in design.”

Agreed: Just waiting for the dinner invite.

The Normandy model's dining room..


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