Can You Top These Marriage Proposals?

Tell us your story or the best you've heard.

BY April 2, 2014












I just read today about a young man who proposed marriage to his writer/editor girlfriend while on a tour through the Los Angeles Times offices. It reminded me of a recent conversation I had with Kathy Bridge-Liles, Chief Administrative  Officer of Golisano Children’s Hospital. As marriage proposals go, how would you like to be part of this one that her now-husband Paul pulled on her?

“This,” recalls Kathy, “took place at a Minnesota Twins spring training game at Hammond Stadium.  Paul knew my passion for Phantom of the Opera, so he had arranged for them to be playing one of its songs, Music of the Night, while his proposal flashed on the scoreboard and he emerged from the dugout with a Phantom mask on. In truth, I didn’t even recognize him at first. With 5,000 fans applauding, TV cameras  focused on me, and the now-recognizable love of my life approaching, I managed a breathless ‘yes’ to  him and the scoreboard at this oh-so-intimate moment.” Diamonds, as they say, can be a girl’s best friend.

Newspapers, ballparks, Broadway productions…can you, dear readers, top these?  What are the most creative Will-You-Marry–Me’s you ever experienced, witnessed or heard of?

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