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Best Breakfasts in Southwest Florida: Nana's Diner

BY May 13, 2014

During the week, breakfast—and lunch for those of us often chained to our desks all day—is a utilitarian meal. We need it for sustenance, the jolt of protein, sugar and caffeine that often accompany it so we can get our days off to a decent start. (Think you feel like a zombie when you roll into work now? Just imagine doing it without that cup of coffee, bagel or breakfast sandwich.)

But on the weekends, breakfast becomes something more substantial—both in the amount consumed and in the time committed. It’s where you linger over an extra cup of coffee, read the paper and take your time to enjoy slowing the world down just a bit. As such, you want to find the best spots.

As much as anything else, we at Gulfshore Life often get asked, “Where should we go for breakfast?’ Actually, it’s like that everywhere, our sister magazines in Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Marin County, California get the same.

So as we celebrate the Best of the Gulfshore this month in our print issue (on newsstands now), we thought we’d explore online the best places to grab breakfast


First up on our list: Nana’s Diner in Golden Gate City.

Billed as Southern food with an attitude, this is breakfast like your granny never made. Biscuits as big as your fist swim in buttermilk and sausage gravy. (Pro tip: Don’t ask for a full order as we’ve never seen anyone finish them all.) Omelets are five eggs large (though you can ask for three-eggs omelets if you aren’t quite that peckish.) Fried mullet is always on the menu, the owner will always call you “baby doll” or “my baby” and the coffee will always be very hot and very strong.

This isn’t a place to go if you are looking for light, healthy or really anything other than fuel for an early-afternoon nap. But man, it’s delicious.

Nana's Diner, 5555 Golden Gate Parkway, Suite 121, Naples. 352-1401

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