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Feel Good: I-Lipo Results

For his June Mr. Adventure column, Michael Korb said 'yes' to I-Lipo. Here's what happened.

BY June 6, 2014
If you read June's Mr. Adventure column, you know that this writer went through the new i-Lipo program at Plastic Surgery Associates of Naples. Over the course of 10 treatments (two per week) I was connected to a system incorporating low level laser technology that aims to reduce fat cells. It targets areas in an effort to make you look, you know, thinner. The theory is that the lasers release triglycerides from the fat cells as though you've just had a vigorous workout. Each session features pre-treatment measuring, 20 minutes of laser therapy, followed by a weigh-in. Best of all, it's completely painless. All you are asked to do is a 30 to 40 minute workout (hopefully within three hours of each session) that helps flush those triglycerides through your lymphatic system and out of your body. (You're also asked to make sure your diet is sensible.)
Well, the results are in and they're … interesting. For me, we chose to concentrate on the waistline in an effort to get rid of that area commonly referred to as the love handles. Measuring takes place at three different heights between the hips and ribcage at two-inch intervals. On day one my middle measurement (the big one) came in at a whopping 37 inches. But after the final treatment, that exact same line measured just 34.75 inches! A reduction of 2.25 inches. Pretty impressive. However, the lines above and below that middle measurement actually increased. The top line went from 32 inches to 32.75 inches and the lower line went from 35 to 36. While the overall math leaves us with only a .5 inch reduction, it did even things out to that the "spare tire" is negligible. And that seems like a win.

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