Summer Fun: Don't Forget About The Beach

We kick off a look at our editors' favorite things to do in the summer with some sand.

BY June 17, 2014














My absolute favorite way to experience Southwest Florida in the summer is to … drum roll, please … go to the beach. 

Sure, it’s here all year. But if you’re like me, during season you get tired of endlessly circling the parking lot just to compete for a towel-shaped plot of sand. And with the snowbirds tend to go excessive social engagements, leaving more free time for that morning paddleboard or evening run.  

We locals score the warmest water, the longest days and, in my opinion, the best sunsets—I find the sherbet skies most gorgeous after a summer storm, when the clouds are plenty to really hold those ever-changing colors. There isn’t a bad beach to be found, but my go-to is the northernmost access on Gulf Shore Boulevard North, where I grew up going just a short, shady walk from my grandparents’ home on Seagate Drive. The public beach has showers, a scenic path to the shore, a picturesque rock jetty to fish from and, if you’re an early riser, ample shade in the shadows of towering beachfront condos.

Aside from its essential role as a convenient cool-down in 90-and-above temperatures, a summer trip to the beach is just the perfect way to wind down after work, squeeze in your exercise, enjoy your friends and remember we live in paradise.

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