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Summer Fun: The Most Relaxing Chair Ever

What better way to celebrate summer than by massaging out all of season's stress.

BY June 18, 2014

Yeah, the Sogno DreamWave kind of looks a little like a Stormtrooper uni. But put down your blaster or light saber, climb on in this ultimate massage chair, and you’ll soon be blissed out by customized shiatsu massage and Japanese engineering ingenuity that delivers full-body relaxation. Inada USA incorporates proprietary body scanning technology into chairs that deliver customized massage for 106 body types, provide iliotibial band massage for hips and thighs and mimic the back mobilization movements used by physical therapists. “Inada makes the best massage chairs in the world,” says David Noland, owner of Relax the Back in Estero. “There are more Inada chairs in Japanese homes than any other.” The DreamWave is priced from $8,000; $9,000 for natural full-grain leather. Also on order, Inada’s just introduced Flex 3 with therapeutic stretching movements. Aaaah.

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