Summer Fun: Air-Conditioned Movies

For Michael Korb, the best way to enjoy the summer is with Dolby Surround Sound.

BY June 20, 2014

Though some of the editors at Gulfshore Life enjoy going to the beach during the sweltering summer months, when the humidity is 1,000 percent and the chance of being struck by lightening is comparable to that of a dolphin sighting, those of us with a bit more sense prefer to head indoors and take advantage of a little something called air conditioning. In fact, let's all give a hearty "Thank you" to Willis Carrier at this moment. Because if it weren't for Carrier, almost none of us would go to the movies. And that, dear friends, is what this editor prefers to do with his summers. In New York, the weather is perfect for drive-in movies, but here in Southwest Florida, you need to be indoors, enjoying a Slurpy and some decidedly cool temperatures as Dolby Surround Sound makes Transformers 4: Age of Extinction (June 27) give you an arrhythmia. And the beauty of summer cinema is that you don't have to pack up your towels and cooler once the rain starts. Just buy another ticket and wander into Dawn of Planet of the Apes (July 11) or whatever else is playing. Just remember to turn off your cell phone. Because this is one editor who will seriously loose his cool.

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