Healthy Life

Cereal is for Lovers

BY August 26, 2014


It’s the most important meal of the day—now more than ever. A new breakfast cereal purports to boost your performance in the bedroom. Sexcereal (yes, that’s actually its name) claims to be the world’s first all-natural, GMO free gender based cereal. That’s right, it comes in both male and female versions. Though oats are the main ingredient for both sexes, “His” version contains everything from bee pollen to black sesame to camu camu, while “Her” version includes maca, cacao nibs, chia and flax seeds, and more. It’s variations focus on the specific needs of each sex for sexual health. It’s $9.95 per 10.5 oz. bag, which sounds a little pricey until you realize it might turn you into Charlie Sheen. And technically, that’s priceless.

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