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Shopportunities: Is Seersucker Still in Style?

Some creative ways to look smart for summer

BY August 29, 2014


Dear Cheryl,

We’ve been invited to a wedding and my husband fancies wearing a seersucker suit. It might keep him cool, but I’m just not sure if it’s a cool look these days.

—Mandy A., Fort Myers

Your husband is spot-on with his choice of seersucker—this year it’s a hot choice for looking cool in the height of summer. Although the fabric originates from India, the name “seersucker” derives from the Persian compound word “shir-o-shakar,” literally meaning “milk and sugar”—and aptly describes the texture of the alternating smooth and puckered stripes. This uneven texture causes the fabric to sit slightly away from the skin, making it superbly breathable.

Blue and white stripes are the classic combination, but there are some wonderful color options. Your husband could go for something more adventurous, such as stripes in (white and) green, orange, purple or even pink. Even those characteristic crinkles benefit from a light press, and the pants should have a crease in the leg, but any rumpling during wear just adds to the charm of the look. An added bonus of a seersucker suit is its surprising versatility: The jacket and pants can easily be worn separately on other occasions without either piece looking as though it’s missing its other half.

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There’s nowhere better than southwest Florida to enjoy summer celebrations, yet sometimes the more informal the event, the more time spent deciding what to wear. For an evening barbecue, a pair of fluid, slouchy pants are a stylish and practical option (to protect legs from insect bites) teamed with a sleeveless top. As the light fades and the mosquitoes emerge, add a shirt with sleeves or a lightweight cardigan. Espadrilles (a big trend this summer) are perfect for striding across uneven ground or sand. A decent-sized tote is the only bag you’ll need. Just make sure it’s big enough to accommodate the blanket you’ll pack for sitting on the grass or sand.


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