Loving Southwest Florida: A Collection of Photographs

Where did our distinguished photographers find their most cherished visions? Of course in the beauty here, but also in family life and the drama and surprise that pop up around us.

BY February 27, 2015


Pure Joy 

The genuine happiness of this father and son is contagious. Photographer Roland Scarpa captured the pair in-studio and remembers getting great shot after great shot. “Both the boy and his father had a lot of fun,” Scarpa says. rolandscarpa.com



Make Yourself at Home

Persistence paid off for Brian Hampton at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. After noticing a woodpecker drilling a sizeable hole while he was walking the boardwalk, Hampton returned to the spot weeks later to find it occupied by two babies, then waited until the whole family united in front of his lens. brianhamptonphotography.com



Magic Moon 

Photographer Rod Wiley kept taking images every five minutes or so during a blood moon eclipse and overlaid those images on a shot he took of the Naples Pier at the same time. His creation is a gorgeous artistic interpretation of lunar power. rjwileyphoto.com



Face Time 

It’s tough to get kids to look directly in the lens, says photographer Roland Scarpa. To get this great expression, he took away the boy’s yellow rubber duck he was playing with and told him, “Look, your ducky is hiding in my camera and you can see it in the lens!” That did it.



Fair Warning

A snowy egret, displaying pink during mating season, reacts to 
another attempting to steal its sticks upon returning to its rookery roost. Dennis Goodman, familiar with this sneaky behavior of nesting pairs, watched for this one to literally ruffle its feathers in response. He calls the image Bad Hair Day. dennisgoodmanphotography.com


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