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Hot Dish: Deep-Fried Everything This Week at the County Fair

BY March 4, 2015


I almost feel guilty writing “deep-fried everything,” as if my heart will voluntarily attack itself in protest. But if there’s any reason—or any time—to try a batter-drenched, piping-hot Snickers (or banana or pickle or Oreo), this week’s 91st annual Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair would be it. While 4-H carnivals are known for adorable kids presenting their arguably even cuter livestock, from floppy-eared bunnies to fuzzy chicks, a real draw for children and kids-at-heart at this nearly century-old festival is the food trip down memory lane: caramel apples, corn dogs, snow cones, cotton candy and funnel cake, oh my! They’re as American as the apple pie that is also served there—and, we argue, OK as a yearly indulgence (we promise not to tell your doctor!). Get your fill while the Ferris wheel is still turning at the Lee County Civic Center, every day from now until the festivities close Sunday, March 8. For a full schedule, click here.


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