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Shopportunities: For a Cool Look…

Go vintage with your eyewear, where the craftsmanship and frame quality add a distinctive touch. Plus, what to wear to the Avow Butterfly Ball.

BY April 3, 2015


Dear Cheryl,

Due to changes in my eyesight, I’m resigned to wearing glasses full time now—how do I make them part of my look?

                                                                                                   —Mia F., Estero


Congratulations! i say that because far from “resigning” yourself to wearing this wonderful accessory, you now have an opportunity to create a signature look for yourself. In face-to-face interactions, the first thing we do is make eye contact with people, so by framing your eyes, you’re drawing attention to them and making an immediate statement about your style personality.

One of the hottest trends is in vintage eyewear. The craftsmanship and frame quality from past eras is often extremely high, and you’ll have a better chance of finding glasses in materials that are rarely used these days, such as real gold or silver, tortoiseshell, mother of pearl and horn. In most cases, your personal lens prescription can easily be fitted into the frame.

The aim is to look cool and current, not dated and dull, so unless you really know what you’re doing, avoid wearing head-to-toe vintage (an art form in itself). Keep your outfit and other accessories modern when wearing your retro eyepieces. If you have a really striking pair of vintage glasses, keep your clothing simple and color palette neutral and let your fantastic frames be the focus of your look. 


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What to Wear: to the Avow Butterfly Ball

Last year’s butterfly ball raised $250,000 to support Avow Hospice’s extensive end-of-life care services, so it’s no wonder the organizers are excited for this year’s event, which takes place Saturday, March 21 at Naples Grande Beach Resort. With butterflies being central to the décor, what better reason to break out of the “little black dress” chrysalis and adorn yourself in a glorious lepidoptoran hue or print? Although black tie is optional, jackets are required, so gentlemen could add a vibrant pop of color via a beautiful iridescent silk tie—or how about a butterfly-shaped tie clip or pair of cufflinks? Here’s one idea: The monarch butterfly is the 2015 theme. For further information, contact Rachel Tenz at 649-3697. 


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