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Style: Getting Personal

Three stylish locals name their favorite wardrobe pieces—and tell why.

BY April 3, 2015


We all have our favorites. in a different context, this kind of statement could cause a family rift or, at the very least, a heated discussion over the dinner table. Happily, we’re referring to favorite wardrobe pieces, where the decision is definitive and purely personal. We thought it would be fun to ask some stylish locals to choose favorites from their own closets, and tell us why they love them so much.



As might be expected from someone born into a tailoring family—who then went on to study textile and design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City—Lacquaniti has an innate sense of style. It is reflected in his own wardrobe and those of his clients at Rocco’s Tailor Shop in Naples, which he owns and runs alongside his father.

“My go-to piece is this navy jacket. Every man should have something he feels 100 percent confident wearing—this is mine,” he says. “I love the elegance of a classic blazer. Not many young guys wear double-breasted, so if I want to make a statement, that’s the jacket. My father made it when he was sick a few years ago, so it means a whole lot more to me.”

“You can never go wrong with a wingtip shoe,” Lacquaniti says, of his slightly distressed-looking footwear. “As a kid, I saw a picture of the Duke of Windsor wearing a pinstripe suit with wingtip shoes and thought they were so elegant. These are American-made and high-quality (Allen Edmonds)—the more I wear them the better they become; I just like this worn look, so I refuse to polish them! I wear them with everything and they feel fantastic.”

Being a master of fabrics, there’s always room for a new favorite, and for Dominic that’s his truffle hunting jacket. “This is from a piece of cashmere I found in Italy. A friend there has vineyards and invited me to go truffle hunting, so I thought I’d make myself a special jacket. It’s based on an English hunting jacket but less severe. The leather on the elbow patches, pocket trim and under-collar are from skins from the ’60s—Dad bought them when he came to the States.” 

When it comes to accessories, Lacquaniti prefers to keep it simple, with his vintage 1965 Rolex. “I found this one in a little jeweler’s store in New York the day I quit smoking,” he says. “I thought, ‘That’s the one,’ and bought it there and then.”

“Another accessory for me is my cologne. I’m extremely picky with scents. I think Tom Ford is the master in terms of designers, and his Tobacco Vanille cologne is just the best. It’s subtle and smoky and smells like a man should—a good-smelling man, that is!”




This Fort Myers-based real estate agent has to balance the needs of maintaining a professional appearance in her daily life and yet show her personality with witty details. When not working, she keeps active with bike riding and running, and still manages to find time for her social life, her adult daughters and five grandchildren.

Huether’s first favorite is a pantsuit in a neutral tone. “This is from Jennifer’s Boutique and it’s perfect for my working life,” she says, turning sideways to show the tuxedo-style ivory stripe on the pants. “It’s dressy but there’s some fun. I like to show my style sense and the stripe does that. There’s some edge to it.” Huether teams it with a mesh ivory top that lets the suit do the talking.

“I want my clothes to be age-appropriate and I want them to be stylish,” Huether says, pulling out of her closet a black-and-white-print blouse with a ruffle, and a vest from Janet Marie Studios. “This is another favorite outfit. I love the vest, particularly these quirky little details,” she says, pointing out the buttonholes trimmed with the blouse fabric.

Huether’s default is for classic styles that can be dressed up or down. She says, “I have a thing for white shirts. This one is from Anne Fontaine. The double collar means I can wear it different ways—I’ve worn it under a jacket with just one collar piece showing, so it’s pretty versatile. I don’t think there’s much to beat the classic simplicity of a white shirt, and this has a little design twist.”

Another favorite in her closet is a black suit with a fitted, ruched jacket, and a skirt that buttons up the back. “This is the perfect black suit for me. It’s just got the right amount of whimsy.” Asked about her attitude to her wardrobe, she says, “I have things in my closet that are 20 years old, but as long as they still work for me, I’ll wear those pieces when I can. When it comes to it, if I feel good in something, I don’t worry about what other people think—it may not be their style, but it’s mine. And long as I’m me, that’s what matters.”



Fort Myers is home to Corley, although she and her family are regular travelers to Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta. Married to a voice actor and a mother to a 13-year-old son, Melissa has a trendy sensibility, where her focus is to have one unique, eye-catching item. “I don’t need to catch everyone’s eye, but I like to have one eye-catching piece,” she says, adding, “I prefer to stay under the radar.”

“I don’t want to look like a teenager, but don’t particularly feel the need to dress my age,” she says. “I was in radio before I had my son, which probably contributed to my laid-back style.”

A faux fur vest from Jennifer’s Boutique is a firm favorite. “It’s so versatile—a real go-to piece. I’ll wear it from day into evening. It’s perfect over a long-sleeve top for cooler days, but I really would wear it with just about everything, even with shorts.”

Continuing in the casual vein, Corley brings out a great-fitting pair of black leggings with studded embellishment along the sides. “I like these because they’re different,” Corley says. “They’re from Brodeur Carvell and they fit really well—they hide a multitude of sins and there’s no muffin top.”
A pair of fringed ankle boots appear next from her closet. “These are one-of-a-kind, handmade boots from Ibiza and I’ll wear them every opportunity I can. I even try to work my wardrobe around them because they’re such a favorite.”

A necklace designed by local jeweler Mark Loren is a new go-to: “This was a Christmas gift and it’s so versatile. The individual elements of the necklace can be removed and worn on the circlet as single items or altogether. I can wear this at any time.”

Admitting to a penchant for Louis Vuitton bags and pocketbooks, not surprisingly she is drawn to their
limited-edition purses. “Although my son isn’t at all impressed that I have a tube of green hand sanitizer hanging from it,” she says with a laugh. “Although the color matches.”

Summing up her style, Corley says, “I don’t dress for anybody else; I dress for myself. I want to feel comfortable in how I look even if I’m just going to the supermarket. I might be in a tee and yoga pants at home, but I’ll always put on some makeup and throw on something nice, a pair of jeans or a cute pair of cutoffs, when I go outside.”


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