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Hot Dish: Get a Sparkling Start to Your Day at Sunburst

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, even bubbly ... they've got you covered.

BY April 17, 2015


The definition of brunch can spark a heated debate: Is it pancakes and eggs served into the afternoon? Does alcohol need be involved? Must both breakfast and lunch appear on the menu to qualify as brunch? But one thing for certain (aside from the dictionary’s accounting as “a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch,” of which, I personally adopt a liberal interpretation for late morning) is that it’s made better with Champagne. But who needs to wait for the weekend, as most places do here?

Sunburst Café—an adorable brightly hued, sunny sliver of a counter-service restaurant in Naples with fluffy omelets, loaded scrambles, plentiful salads and thick sandwiches on offer till 3 p.m. every day of the wee—recently added mimosas to their menu, along with beer and wine. Fresh-squeezed OJ and Prosecco combine for a refreshing treat to go with, say, their French toast or famously dense and moist muffins (spotted last week were cannoli cream, banana chocolate chip, lemon poppyseed and more unique flavors). Also new and recently eyed was a completely upgraded outdoor set-up with Caribbean teal, orange and yellow high- and low-topped tables to complement the rainforest-themed décor inside. All coffee served is Costa Rican-style, and the staff’s T-shirts playfully nudge people to eat and drink local, broadcasting a slogan along the lines of “Friends don’t let friends go to Starbucks.” I can’t fully support that because I love a good caramel Frappuccino every now and again, but tell me: At what Starbucks can you find bubbly with your breakfast?  


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