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Feel Good Report: How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

See what your morning routine really means for your health.

BY June 2, 2015


Need a cup of coffee—or two or three—to get started for the day? No worries, most people do. But you may want to watch just how much caffeine you’re taking in throughout the day.

The European Food Safety Authority recently released a study saying there are no ill effects of consuming up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day (or, about four cups of coffee). The authority recommends pregnant women consume about half that amount. The authority came to that result after reviewing 39 surveys conducted in Europe with more than 66,500 participants.

The 400 milligram limit is in line with what the USDA recommends for healthy adults, although the exact amount depends on age, weight and other factors. If you get beyond four cups a day, you may be opening yourself up for issues with insomnia, elevated heartbeat, muscle tremors and more, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The study comes as more research is pointing toward the health benefits of coffee, suggesting it may help protect against Parkinson’s disease, liver cancer, cirrhosis and Type 2 diabetes. So, don’t feel too bad if it takes more than one cup to get you going in the morning. 


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