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Hot Dish: Now a Part of Our World

Mermaid Garden Cafe opens to our delight.

BY June 5, 2015



Life as a mermaid wouldn’t be too far from what most of us experience here—frolicking in warm water, befriending dolphins, sunning in the surf. But one thing we’d willingly relinquish our voices to a sea-sorceress for would be a taste of fresh food, particularly creations from a chef like Gloria Jordan d’Cabral (perhaps Ariel was actually a star-crossed lover of clever combinations of heirloom veggies and heritage breeds?). Luckily, we’re not in that pickle and the wait is over for Cabral’s Mermaid Garden Café. Mornings and early afternoons every day except Sunday, she blends favorites from local farms into frittatas, guava pastries, big bowls of greens and ciabattas, all with swimming results.

8695 College Parkway, Fort Myers, 425-3480,



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