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Feel Good Report: When to Get Concerned About Memory Loss

Find out when you should be worried, and what you can do to help.

BY July 9, 2015


Does this sound familiar? You walk into a room and forget why you’re there. Then you think, “Yikes, am I starting to lose my mind?”

It happens to everyone, especially as they age. Concerns about dementia shouldn’t go unchecked. But a recent study from Harvard researchers tried to find what telltale signs could predict something more serious than just a case of routine forgetfulness.

And, no, forgetting what you walked into the kitchen for isn’t a sign you’re in the early stages of dementia. But researchers found out that the potential for an actual cognitive decline was more common in people who noticed several warning signs: having difficulty following a group conversation or a TV show, getting lost in a familiar place, being unable to remember important details of recent events, and frequently losing things and not finding them again.

If you’re just feeling like you’re memory is slipping a bit, Harvard Health Publications also offers these tips to help boost your memory recall.


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