Feel Good

Feel Good Report: Here’s a Good Reason to Take a Nap

Find out what University of Michigan researchers have to say about the siesta.

BY July 14, 2015



Feeling crabby? Perhaps a nap might cheer you up.

A study from the University of Michigan showed that a nap is a good way to boost your mood. Researchers observed that subjects who had just taken a nap weren’t as easy to frustrate compared to a group that didn’t nap. Both groups had been given a task that was impossible to complete. The nappers stayed at it much longer than the non-nappers. The nappers also reported feeling less impulsive than the other group.

Naps are essentially like small vacations. You rest and then come back more alert and ready to take on the day. Studies have shown that naps can also reduce the potential to make mistakes or get into accidents, according to The Sleep Foundation. However, napping for too long can throw off your sleep schedule. And nothing’s better than a good night’s sleep


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