Feel Good

Feel Good Report: How Stress Can Ruin Your Diet

Step away from the Snickers. Here's why you're not thinking of healthful alternatives first.

BY August 11, 2015


Trying to lose weight can be tricky enough. A new study is suggesting that a key to success may be pretty simple: Just relax.

The study published in Neuron found that in a group of men, those who were stressed were about 25 percent more likely to pick junk food rather than healthful treats. The researchers said the participants’ decisions made sense. When we’re stressed, the connectivity in our brain changes, hindering our ability to think long-term and make value judgments. Basically, our self-control goes a bit haywire.

The study further supports research into how stress affects our body. Looking for ways to control your stress? The Mayo Clinic recommends learning the “four As”: Avoid, alter, accept and adapt.


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