Ahead of the Curve: Ah, Such Pleasures

You may not need these trendy items and services—but you surely will love them.

BY August 25, 2015


No one needs his or her own documentary or a pet jellyfish, but it seems the things we need the least are the ones we want the most. We’ve assembled a list of hard-to-find, must-have items and services that will put you on-trend going forward.


Jellyfish aquarium

Yes, you must have jellyfish. When you see an aquarium tank filled with jellyfish, an immediate calm comes over you, and you realize—if everyone had a jellyfish aquarium, the world would be a better place. Their floating, pulsating movement is insanely meditative. It’s total eye candy.  

You can get your own jellyfish and tank at locally owned Planet Tails family pet center, which is also home to the only cat café in Florida. For a small donation, you can zone out in the café with coffee, a kitten and the visual delight of jellyfish. The tank is $500, and the jellyfish must be ordered at a separate cost of $60 apiece.

Planet Tails, 653-9767, is run by Ericka Basile and located in the Galleria Shops at 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road.


Original Web-based video, documentary or commercial

Scoular Image has taken the concept of photography and video to a whole new level, pushing the ubiquitous beach family photo, all members clad in camera-ready white shirts, into retirement. Web-based images and videos are quickly becoming the cool method for capturing special moments that can be easily shared via the Internet. 

Are you interested in an aerial photo of your property, or perhaps a documentary of your great-grandmother’s life experiences? Scoular Image offers a wide array of video and photography services, including documentary, commercial and Web videos. Straight from Hollywood, producer/director John Scoular shoots innovative images just about anywhere underwater, on land and in the air.

Scoular Image is a locally owned business, run by the  husband-and-wife team of John and Madeline Scoular. Make an appointment by visiting scoularimage.com or calling them at 331-5561.


One-of-a-kind ice chest

No one “needs” a one-of-a-kind ice chest, but there’s only one conclusion: If your ice chest is simply an igloo eyesore in an otherwise lovely outdoor space, you need a custom ice chest. And The Good Life, a locally owned, family-operated gourmet shop, has a truly novel and functional accessory in the shape of a VW bus. 

Owner Scott Schwarz says the VW bus ice chest is “a favorite nostalgia item with customers.” The recycled vessels are made from scrap metal, mainly old 44-gallon oil drums, and transformed into functional art. Each one is unique and totally handcrafted. A funky VW bus containing your favorite beverage will surely keep you and your lanai looking cool.

The VW bus ice chest is priced at $595 and can be found exclusively at The Good Life gourmet store, 514-4663, located in the Galleria Shoppes at 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road.


Eyelash extensions

Often overlooked, well-groomed lashes make all the difference to a polished appearance. Enhancing your lashes is easier than ever with a wide variety of products on the market, with everything from eyelash serums to fake lashes to mascara promising to plump and lengthen. Most work well until you jump into a swimming pool or go to a funeral—then all bets are off.

On date night, do you avoid sad movies out of fear that your mascara will run down your cheeks and have you looking like a Kiss band member? Fear no longer; you can go to any movie you want with semi-permanent eyelash extensions. You don’t know how much you need them until you have them.

Eyelash extensions are different from traditional fake eyelash strips in that each lash extension is a single, individually trimmed hair applied with special glue to a corresponding eyelash on the upper lid. The lashes eventually fall out with natural eyelash growth. 

“Women try it one time and they’re immediately addicted. It really makes a big difference; it makes the eyes pop,” says eyelash technician Kalys Richardson. If you are planning to enhance your lashes, brace yourself, because it can prove to be an expensive addiction. Richardson charges a flat rate of $200 for a set of lashes; however, some technicians charge by the lash. Each lash sells for approximately $2.50, and one eye uses 50 to 100 lashes. If you’re going for the Kim Kardashian, wing-like eyelashes, you may be looking at an investment of hundreds of dollars. Applying the lashes takes patience and time, but Richardson will have your eyes event-ready in two hours or less. 

Richardson provides in-home service by appointment only; call (202) 288-2148.


Luxury beach experience

The beach is fun once you get there—it’s the “getting there” that isn’t so fun. Lugging chairs, umbrellas, towels, drinks, etc. down to the sand is a pain in the neck, no matter how you look at it. The effort required can be a beach-day obstacle (unless you are a sand Sherpa).

Fortunately, there is a delightful solution. The beach rental shop in front of the Naples Grande Beach Resort at Clam Pass is open to the public and offers a luxury beach experience. The shop rents just about anything you might need for a relaxing day at the beach, including umbrellas, chairs, cabanas, paddleboards, kayaks and towels. You can even rent queen-sized beach beds for $150 per day. (It’s a good idea to call ahead and make reservations if you are interested in lounging on one.) A snack bar is conveniently located next to the shop and offers a variety of beverages and food. A pleasant staff member will eagerly set everything up so you literally don’t have to lift a finger. Best of all, there’s nothing to clean up or drag back to your car.

The beach rental shop can be reached by calling the Naples Grande at 227-2182.


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