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Feel Good Report: Working Longer Could Lead to Stroke, Heart Disease

Time to rethink those hours.

BY August 25, 2015


Here’s a good reason to cut out of work a little earlier today.

A study published in the Lancet looked at a collection of studies of people who suffered strokes or coronary artery disease. Once the researchers adjusted for factors including age, income and sex, they found that those who tended to work longer hours were at a greater risk for stroke and heart disease. In fact, those who worked 55 hours or more per week had a 33 percent increase in risk for stroke and 13 percent increase in risk for coronary heart disease.

Of course, the study is just showing a link, not a cause between long hours and strokes. And, the researchers also point out that drinking and lack of exercise may also play a big part for stroke risk along with the long hours.

Either way, as Forbes notes, the advent of technology that allows us to work after-hours could also backfire from a health standpoint. All the more reason to put away the laptop and stop checking email once you’re home.  


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