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Local Coffee Shops Celebrate National Coffee Day

Where can you go to get a "Creamy Spug," you ask? We'll tell you.

BY September 29, 2015

























It’s National Coffee Day. Go get your “Creamy Spug” at Bennett’s Fresh Roast!


Yes, a name that odd can only be the stuff of dreams—or maybe of nightmares, as in the case of Bennett’s employee Jenavieve Verley. A little while back, Jenavieve, a Fort Myers High School junior, fell asleep and entered a deep dream about her workplace. In it, a customer came in and ordered four “Creamy Spugs” and left in a huff after Jenavieve didn’t know how to make them.

“In my dream, I asked a co-worker what to do, and she said she knew what it was, but every time I asked for help, she would shrug her shoulders and walk away,” Jenavieve recalls.

Her dream was so vivid that she wrote down the details after she woke up and then shared them with her boss, Bob Grissinger.

Be careful what you tell your boss.

Prank-loving Grissinger texted several customers and asked them to come in and order the still-fictional Creamy Spugs to go.

“I never should have told him!” Jenavieve laughs.

Well, the prank was too good just to let go. Grissinger decided to come up with an actual Creamy Spugs concoction—a blend of espresso and steamed and frothed half and half (breve, poured macciato style), then topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon.

“She was such a good sport that I had to put my creative cap on and actually come up with a real Creamy Spug to add to our menu,” Grissinger says in a release announcing the new brew.

The drink debuts today.

Bennett’s, with locations in Sanibel and near downtown Fort Myers, is also offering one free 12-ounce brewed coffee per customer until 11 a.m. Other coffee day deals can be found at Dunkin’ Donuts, Panera Bread (for rewards holders), Wawa and Whole Foods. 


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