Weekly Best: Best Way to Scare Yourself This Halloween

BY October 29, 2015

Ready for a good scare this Halloween weekend? Not the family-friendly, doggie dress-up variety? Let’s talk about something that will linger in your nightmares long after Halloween. Sound fun? Continue reading … IF YOU DARE!

Terror on 20th: What started as just another home with a few yard decorations on 20th Avenue in Cape Coral has evolved into a full-blown haunted house. The Fields family lets more than 2,000 people roam their grounds, which are done up with homemade props and costumed characters.

Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium Haunted Walk: The 31-year tradition continues this year as a band of circus freaks has been let loose on the grounds of the Fort Myers nature center. Take a frightening tour through the trails and boardwalks.

A Nightmare on Third Street: Another private home that opens its doors to the thrill-seeking public. The Courson family has been operating their Third Street haunted house for a decade. The tour is quick—maybe only 5-7 minutes—but has enough scares to last you until next Halloween.

Haunted Gross House: The traditional haunted house on the Collier County Fairgrounds lives up to its “gross” name. Expect plenty of slasher-type haunts. In reality, though, the attraction was named after Cheryl Gross, the late Fairgrounds board member who came up with the idea.

Captain Lazarus and the Spectacle of Living Wonders: The Naples Art Association tries a different sort of Halloween attraction. The von Liebig Art Center turns into the site of a disastrous traveling carnival. But it’s not your standard haunted house. The designers forgo the cheap scares for more of a theatrical vibe. 


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