Feel Good

Feel Good Report: Drink coffee. Save a life.

Coffee may be key to reducing risk of death by heart disease.

BY November 19, 2015

Your coffee addiction continues to be justified.

A new study shows that drinking coffee may lower your risk of dying from heart disease. The study looked at 200,000 doctors and nurses who were asked about their diet and behavior on a variety of subjects for over 30 years. From that, researchers were able to determine that the coffee drinkers had a 6 percent or more reduction in the risk of death by heart disease. Yeah, it’s not that big of a reduction, but even still, it gives you a good reason to pour that second cup.

This is just the latest good news for java, too. Earlier this year, a study found that drinking coffee might reduce the risk for melanoma. As more studies are done, we’re finding out more about the health benefits of coffee. So, forget apples, a cup a day will keep the doctor away.

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