Weekly Best: The best of the American Sand Sculpting Championship

BY November 20, 2015

And here we thought our drip castles were impressive.

The 29th annual American Sand Sculpting Championship runs through Nov. 29 on Fort Myers Beach.  Keep in mind, we’re talking about sand sculptures here. Not the dig-a-moat-and-flip-over-a-bucket-of-sand castles. Some of the best sculptors around will be on the beach competing for the championship.

To give you an idea about what to expect, we’ve pulled some of our favorites from 2014.

Photos courtesy Paradise Advertising.  

Robots are awesome. Sand castles are awesome. Combine the two? You get this from Greg Grady Jr.

Not quite sure what this guy is up to but love his expression.

We agree with this sentiment entirely. Although we're sure Virtual Sand Sculpting is coming soon.

The winner last year was Abe Waterman's Whose Turn is it Anyway? However, it got washed away in a storm. The replacement he built is pretty cool, too.

And, finally, this is what we call a sand castle.