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Feel Good Report: Watch Where You Walk with That Cell Phone

It may sound obvious not to walk and text, but we're all doing it anyway.

BY December 8, 2015













If you’re reading this on your cell phone while walking around, a bit of advice: LOOK UP!

A new study from researchers at Stony Brook University found that distracted walking is problem in our society right now. Texting while walking is the worst offender. Close to two-thirds of participants in the study veered off course as they texted and walked. Even those who were talking on the phone while walking were shown to significantly slow their pace. It was enough of a problem that the researchers concluded walking while on the phone “may compromise safety.”

As The New York Times notes, “Visits to emergency rooms for injuries involving distracted pedestrians on cellphones more than doubled between 2004 and 2010 and continues to grow.”

So, please, do us a favor. Read this on your cell phone from the safety of your favorite easy chair. 


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