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How Your Dinner Could Be Keeping You Up at Night

We now know more about how diet and sleep interact.

BY January 21, 2016


Next time you’re up late tossing and turning in bed, think back to what you ate that day. It may be the key to your restlessness.

Quartz reported on a Columbia University study that looked at how diet affects sleep patterns. Researchers took 26 people and put them on a controlled diet for four days and then let them choose what they ate on the fifth day. On that you-pick day, their found their sleep patters were all over the place:

“Those who ate more fiber in their meals spent more time in slow-wave sleep, which is the constructive phase of sleep. Those who ate more fat had the exact opposite effect. And those who ate more carbohydrates were more prone to waking up at night.”

This is just one more study on the stack that links how eating carbs in particular can disturb a good night’s rest. 


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