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Skip These Six Things to Avoid Food Poisoning

A prominent food-safety lawyer gives his advice.

BY January 28, 2016

More than 48 million Americans get food poisoning annually. Most of them may not even know it. It could just feel like a fever or an upset stomach. But it can get worse. Thousands die each year due to tainted food.

Bottom Line Health asked food-safety attorney Bill Marler his take on what he leaves out of his meals. Most are due to their uncooked or unpasteurized nature:

  1. Raw milk and packaged juice
  2. Raw sprouts
  3. Meat that isn’t well-done
  4. Pre-washed veggies or fruit
  5. Raw eggs
  6. Raw oysters

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One food Marler doesn’t skip that may be surprising: sushi. Not that many disease outbreaks come from eating the raw fish prepared by trained sushi chefs.


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