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Sitting Linked to Increased Risk for Diabetes

BY February 4, 2016

Hope you’re sitting down for this. Actually, maybe stand for this one.

Add another study to the stack that says sitting for too long is bad for you. Researchers published results in Diabetologia showing that participants who sat for longer than nine hours per day had significantly higher glucose levels than those who sat less. An added hour of time sitting correlated with a 22 percent increased odds for Type 2 diabetes. That means if you have a desk job then go home and watch TV for a couple hours, you’re starting to get into some pretty risky territory when it comes to developing diabetes.   

This comes after a study last year that linked sitting with a whole host of health concerns. Some are even calling sitting the “new smoking,” which sounds like a step too far at this point. But even still, it’s a good enough reason to start finding ways to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine.


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