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Five Ways to Have a Great Valentine’s Day

BY February 11, 2016


We’re all adults here, so let’s get something out in the open: Roses and chocolates are overplayed. Your loved one deserves something extra special this Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, Southwest Florida has plenty of ways to make this weekend the most romantic ever.


1. A palette for two, please

Don’t know how to paint? Doesn’t matter at Pinot’s Palette in Estero. Local artists guide you step-by-step through how to make a painting. This Sunday night, of course, is Valentine’s Day-themed (see above).

2. A match made in heaven

Two Southwest Florida icons—Norman Love Chocolate and Point Ybel Brewing Company—are joining forces for a beer and chocolate pairing at the Fort Myers brewery. Just the thought of a Raspberry IPA paired with a Sea Salt Caramel Truffle is making our mouth water.

3. Lovers Key is for lovers

What better place to renew your vows than in a place called Lovers Key? The Friends of Lovers Key State Park offer two renewal ceremonies complete with cake and champagne.

4. Romance on the high seas

OK, high seas is a bit of an exaggeration. But a sunset cruise may just be the right amount of romance this Sunday.

5. A romantic dinner with Uncle Joey

Yes, spend your Valentine’s Day dinner with Full House star Dave Coulier. He’s performing a special stand-up set at the Off The Hook Comedy Club. Because nothing says "romance" more than wacky voices.

Bonus: For a few more ideas, check out our Hot Dish blog about what’s happening this weekend in the culinary world.


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