Art of Style

You and Your Boudoir

Personalize your space with sensuous fabrics and smart accessories.

BY February 23, 2016

If a gentleman has his study, a lady has her boudoir. derived from the french verb bouder, to sulk or to pout, the original meaning of “boudoir” was a separate room adjacent to a woman’s bedroom, to which she could withdraw for some serious sulking. As delectable as that sounds, these days we tend to think of a boudoir simply as a female bedroom or dressing room furnished in a traditional style. Nevertheless, we all need a little space to ourselves (for pouting or otherwise), and such a personal place should be enjoyed to the fullest. To put you in the boudoir mood, add luxurious touches such as sensuous fabrics and decorative accessories. Lounging around in sweatpants will never feel the same again.

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