Shopportunities: Bangles and Bracelets Galore

How to wear multiples so they make the statement you want

I bought a box of bracelets from an antique market that was closing down—there are some real beauties in my haul. Although I’d like to try wearing several at a time, I’m not sure how to pull it off.

 —Jessica J., Bonita Springs

Start by mixing together a number of thin and medium-sized bracelets on one wrist and wearing just your watch, or one or two mid-sized pieces, on the other. Wear multiple bracelets with sleeveless dresses or short sleeves; a particularly effortless look is a shirt with the sleeves rolled or pushed up and stacks of different bangles decorating your arms. Don’t try to create symmetry when decorating both arms—it’s far more interesting to combine bracelets and bangles of different widths, colors and textures than to match them (which looks contrived). Multiple bangles and bracelets make a bold statement, so let them do the talking and keep your outfit simple and the rest of your jewelry minimal.


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