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Odds Are You’re Not Living a Healthy Lifestyle

A new study says only 2.7 percent of population meets its standards.

BY March 31, 2016


Here’s another study to remind us how unhealthy we are. 

Mayo Clinic Proceedings released a report that claims only about 3 percent of Americans live a “healthy lifestyle.”

Exactly what is a healthy lifestyle? Ultimately, this super “healthy” person would refrain from smoking, exercise at least 150 minutes per week, score in the top 40 percent of the USDA’s Healthy Eating Index and have a body fat percentage less than 30 percent (or less than 20 percent if a man).

That’s not too high of a standard. And, as The Atlantic points out, we’re getting better at getting healthy. The problem is that we were so far behind in the first place.


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