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Shopportunities: How To Be Good To Your Clothes

Tips for keeping them fresh and neat

BY May 12, 2016


"Now that my kids have moved out, I’ve reclaimed a lot of closet space—which I’ve enjoyed filling with new clothes! Some tips on caring for my lovely new wardrobe, please."

 —Helen M., Naples

First, get rid of any wire hangers—they dent garment shoulders and can leave rust marks on fabric. Thicker, rounded-edge plastic hangers or wooden versions are fine for shirts, blouses and lightweight garments. Camisoles and strappy tops/dresses are best on notched or padded lingerie hangers (little buttons at either end prevent narrow straps from slipping off); they’re also good for hanging up swimwear and intimates. Clip hangers (designed for skirts) are great for hanging strapless dresses, but protect the top of the dress with some foam strips or tissue paper placed between the clips and the garment. Swap out plastic garment bags for breathable fabric versions, as plastic can trap humid air and cause fabrics to yellow. And moths and insects are attracted to perspiration and stains, so put only clean clothing away for storage. It’s a good idea to invest in some aromatic cedar blocks and/or some pretty lavender sachets to keep your closet smelling as good as it looks. Your garments will thank you by lasting longer and looking better.


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