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Tech It Out! Gadgets for Health, Beauty and Well-Being

BY May 26, 2016

Sip and Glow

Even water bottles are getting smarter. When you sip your H2O from a Hidrate Spark bottle, a sensor inside tracks how much you’re drinking and communicates with an app on your smartphone, which recommends how much hydration you need based on your activity level, health goals and even your location. Need a little reminder to drink up? The bottle glows when you’re slacking to help keep you on track. ($59.95)

Fashion-Forward Fitness Tracker

Wearable fitness trackers are more chic than geek. With the look of a designer bracelet and the technology of a fitness-monitoring device, Mira syncs to an app on your smartphone to measure your steps, calories burned, pace, distance and more. Prefer not to wear the bracelet one day? The tracker pops out of the setting and still follows your progress when slipped in your pocket or clipped to your clothing. ($169)

Listen to Your Mind

Easing stress no longer requires a day at the spa. Instead, French-based startup myBrain Technologies, in collaboration with the Brain & Spine Institute of Paris, has introduced the Melomind, a headset that monitors your brain activity through dry electrodes and sends the data to an app on your phone. The app then plays soothing, ambient sounds and music tailored to match your brainwaves at that very moment—the ultimate in customized relaxation. ($375)

Workout Recovery

Foam rolling is a crucial part of your workout recovery that gets even more recuperative with HyperIce’s Vyper. This rigid foam roller has a three-speed, battery-powered vibrating motor that delivers deep high-intensity and high-frequency vibrations to help recharge your muscles and increase circulation. ($199)

The Smart Peanut

We’ve all wished for superpowers once in a while, and a new device called a Peanut may be the closest we’ve ever been to having them. Created by French tech company, each Peanut features a set of Bluetooth-connected sensors that manage various daily tasks. For instance, attach one Peanut to your vitamin bottle, and when you take your vitamins for the day, the Peanut registers the bottle has moved. If it doesn’t, it reminds you that you’ve missed your dose. Another Peanut measures your sleep cycle and determines the best time to wake you. ($29)

Swing Like the Pros

Whether on the tennis courts or on the links, we all could use a little improvement in our swings. Enter Zepp Labs’ Swing Sensor, which attaches to the base of your golf club or tennis racket. Sync it to the smartphone app, and it provides real-time feedback on your swing and offers instant 3-D and frame-by-frame video analysis. ($99.99) or available locally at Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods 

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