Behind the Scenes at Our June Fashion Shoot

Our June shoot took us from 5th Avenue Barber to Rocco’s Tailor Shop.

BY June 1, 2016

So much more than meets the eye goes into one of our monthly fashion shots. The result this month is six glossy pages of men's fashion featuring our model Lee Dahlberg (and a couple special guest appearances, as you'll see). But there's a small army behind each shot.

Pick up the June issue to see the final results. But before then, take a look at what went on behind the scenes at our June fashion shoot.


Photographer Matt Holler lines up the first shot at 5th Avenue Barber, Naples.


Model Lee Dahlberg gets a close shave from barber Hazel Vazquez.


Matt Holler tries shooting into the mirror to get an interesting angle at 5th Avenue Barber


Fashion Director Pamela Jean adjusts model Lee’s collar for a shot at Rocco’s Tailor Shop.


Photo Assistant Eduardo Correa, Fashion Assistant Matthew Kritis and model Lee Dahlberg get ready for a shot at Rocco’s.


Photo crew examine pictures on the photographer’s computer at Rocco’s.




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