Doggie Heaven: A Day on the Beaches of Keewaydin Island

Humans aren't the only ones who love some sun and fun.

BY July 26, 2016

If life is always better at the beach, it’s just about perfect with our pups’ paws in the sand alongside us. From jumping off the boat as the bow plunges into the shoreline to co-piloting our watercraft, running along the beach and making instantaneous friends, burying things in the sand, sipping a cold drink in the warm sun and falling asleep to the tranquilizing lullaby of the slapping sea, they are our kindred spirits of the salt life. Meet some of our sun-loving friends of the Gulfshore.



Breed: Jack Russell
Home: Bonita Springs
Family: Maryiel Goodrich
Favorite beach activity: Going out on the boat
Pet peeve: He’s just easygoing—a true beach dog



Breed: Golden retriever/lab/chow
Home: Naples
Family: The Hollingsworths
Favorite beach activity: Rolling in the sand and finding other dogs to play with
Pet peeve: Thunderstorms

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Harlee and Davidson

Breed: Shih-poo
Home: Naples
Family: Cindy Delgado
Favorite beach activity: Meeting new people on the beach (Harlee); swimming, playing and lying in the water (Davee)
Pet peeve: When she can’t always visit new friends (Harlee); bigger dogs (Davee)



Breed: Golden retriever
Home: Naples
Family: The Millers
Favorite beach activity: Fishing for minnows
Pet peeve: None to report



Breed: Italian greyhound/Chihuahua (rescue)
Home: Naples
Family: Chris Thompson
Favorite beach activity: Playing fetch
Pet peeve: Big dogs



Breed: Puggle
Home: Naples
Family: The Benhams
Favorite beach activity: Lounging and slowly wading in the water
Pet peeve: His family doing anything without him or forgetting his snack time



Breed: Yorkie
Home: Naples
Family: Erica McGregor
Favorite beach activity: Being buried in the sand (it’s cooler)
Pet peeve: Big dogs



Breed: Pomeranian mix (rescue)
Home: Naples
Family: The Benhams
Favorite beach activity: Swimming with his brother, Miller
Pet peeve: His family going places without him



Breed: Goldendoodle
Home: Naples
Family: Nana Mimura
Favorite beach activity: Boating
Pet peeve: When other dogs steal her toys



Breed: Black and tan coonhound
Home: Marco Island
Family: The Lawrences
Favorite beach activity: Swimming
Pet Peeve: Manicures and pedicures


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