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Why Mosquitoes Love You

Experts weigh in on what attracts mosquitoes.

BY July 26, 2016


Especially with the cases of Zika in South Florida, mosquitoes have been on a lot of people’s minds lately. We can do as much as we can to prevent those annoying little things, but some people may have a more difficult time than others preventing mosquito bites.

Time recently consulted the experts about reasons you might be getting swarmed while your friends just sit idly by. 

1. Sweat: A byproduct of sweat actually helps attract mosquitoes.

2. Type O blood: Turns out type O is these critters’ favorite drink.

3. Beer: A few drinks may actually make you a beacon. Experts just aren’t sure why.

4. DNA: Take all the precautions you can, but some people are just hardwired to attract mosquitoes.

Read more reasons on Time.com.


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