Feel Good

Three Quick Ways to Boost Your Energy

Get through the workday without dragging.

BY September 15, 2016

We all hit that hurdle during the day. Maybe it’s those mid-afternoon hours when that burger you had for lunch starts to catch up to you. You need a quick energy boost. But put away that energy drink—that’ll just make you crash. Instead, try these ideas from Harvard Medical School:

Take a walk. A quick burst of exercise can help you get out of that malaise. Most offices allow for smoke breaks—why not allow for something healthier, like 15-minute walk breaks?

Watch what you consume. Make sure you’re not loading up on sugary treats in the morning (sorry, doughnuts). Rather, try lean protein or unrefined carbs—something like low-fat yogurt with honey, granola and raisins. It will take longer for your body to process, and you’ll be less likely to crash later.

Pace yourself mentally. If possible, avoid loading up on challenging mental tasks at a certain point during the day. Rather, pace them throughout the day with meal or exercise breaks in between.

Get more suggestions from the Harvard Medical School Special Report Boosting Your Energy.


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