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Hydrate—with These Foods

A way around that “eight glasses of water a day” rule

BY September 27, 2016


Yes, you need to stay hydrated. Obviously. No, you don’t need to do it by drinking eight glasses of water each day.

That old falsehood is based in part in reality. People should consume the equivalent of 11 to 13 cups of water each day. The catch is that a lot of that comes from food. How much? That depends on what you’re eating.

Courtesy of Vox.com comes this chart of water-heavy food.

Here are the types of foods that contain more than 70 percent water: bananas, avocados, cottage cheese, potato, corn, apples, yogurt, grapes, oranges, broccoli, strawberries, celery, pickles.

Some meats tend to contain more water (salmon, chicken breast) than others (pepperoni, sausage). 

Chances are you’ll need at least a couple glasses of water each day. Never hurts to have a water bottle at your desk or a glass of ice water with dinner.


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